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Document Attachments

Version: 1.0.0

Core Data Payments

Attach files into specific entities

This API provides the ability to attach or detach a document to Accounts or Transfers.
Transfers are digital payment orders to be sent to a bank for execution. They can be sent individually or grouped following some logics.
Accounts represent bank accounts, inter-company accounts, shared accounts, and other types of accounts.
Attached documents are usually PDF:
  • In the case of a transfer, it could be an invoice.
  • In the case of an account, it could be an official document from a bank confirming the account opening or closing.
Allows attach/detach files to entities using filtering criteria in request.
Current coverage is accounts and transfers, however it is to be extended in the future.
Note that there are limitations on the number and size of documents you can attach.

Use Cases

List attachments for a given entity

Add attachments for a given entity

Remove attachment for a given entity