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Bank Connector


Bank Connectivity

Bank connectivity supported by Kyriba


Standard connectivity capabilities offered by Kyriba across multiple protocols and formats, supporting payments and reporting integration.

Payment connectivity:

  • 440+ banks supported
  • Supporting payment initiation from 165 countries and territories
  • Going to 229 receiving countries and territories
  • Payments formats such as ISO 20022 (pain.002, pain.008), SWIFT (MT101, MT103), local formats (NACHA, EDI820, CFONB320, BACS, DTAZV) and many others 

Bank reporting connectivity:

  • 1000+ banks supported
  • Across formats such as: ISO 20022 (CAMT.053, CAMT.054), SWIFT (MT910, MT900, MT199), local formats (BAI2, CFONB120, AEB43, CODA) and many others

Additional resources about these capabilities:

  • Bank connectivity cockpit here