Marketplace Bank Fee Analysis Dashboard

Bank Fee Analysis Dashboard


Cash & Liquidity

This dashboard will help you better compare fee expenses, identify savings, & manage bank relations.


The Bank Fee Analysis (“BFA”) Dashboard leverages Kyriba’s BFA module to provide a monthly extract of banking services, balances, and fees. This extract integrates into a proprietary Microsoft Excel report with pre-built tables and visualizations to evaluate your banking services, prices, and expenses. Instead of manually compiling and standardizing monthly data, practitioners can skip straight to reviewing trends, identifying savings opportunities, and managing bank services and wallet allocation.

This add-on provides the following:

  • User-friendly structure to perform and document month-over-month, month-over-quarter, and year-over-year due diligence.
  • Transparency in expense across banks, legal entities, and bank accounts.
  • Three levels of drill-down service categorization based on industry standard and bank-provided descriptions.
  • Potential comparisons to bank fee benchmarks (available separately).

The BFA Dashboard includes the database extract setup, proprietary dashboard, live user training, and 30 days of hypercare support. Clearsulting has found clients maximize their ROI with an incremental pool of advisory hours to walk through your results and highlight areas of opportunity based on our 250+ Kyriba implementations and industry experience.

Note, the BFA Dashboard complements Kyriba's BFA module and its existing setup. If this setup is incomplete, inconsistent, or outdated, our certified Kyriba consultants can be engaged to ensure your existing setup aligns with best practice, to expand your setup for additional banks, or to establish automated analysis statement reporting.

Supported statement formats: EDI 822, camt.o86, and TWIST BSB

Supported service categorization: Global and Domestic AFP codes