Marketplace Copper Integration

Copper Integration


Your institutional gateway to digital asset investing


Why Copper?  

Copper is Security audited, certified, and insured MPC-protected custodial architecture for more than 450 digital assets

  • Key shards are formed simultaneously and in isolation using multi-party computation in a secure environment
  • Co-sign transactions remotely without risk of private key exposure, because there is no longer a private key
  • Configure your vaults with on & offline shards to get ultimate security and control of your digital assets

What does integration with Kyriba offer?

  • Investment: ability for corporates to invest in digital asset such as crypto currency
  • Cash management: consolidation in Kyriba of the entire liquidity balance across fiat currencies, cryptocurrencies and money market funds

What additional opportunities open up?

  • Cross border payment: fund transfer in fiat currency to the copper trading account. Exchange in cryptocurrency through market makers accessible in Copper. Payment in cryptocurrency to a foreign counterparty through copper. The payee can (or not) exchange back the money in his own fiat currency
  • Decentralized Finance (DeFi): tokenization of invoice/bank draft in the form of an NFT smart contract token