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Goldman Sachs Mosaic

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A streamlined workflow between Kyriba’s TMS and the Mosaic Money Market Platform for Treasury Teams.


Goldman Sachs and Kyriba are introducing an end-to-end workflow for money market investors utilizing Kyriba’s digital Treasury Management System (TMS) and the Goldman Sachs Liquidity Solutions Platform, Mosaic. This collaboration provides connectivity between Kyriba's TMS and the Mosaic investment portal, a web platform that connects users to Goldman Sachs & Co. for trading and provides reporting and analytics on money market funds.

 This collaboration will link our digital platforms allowing you to access:

  • Trade request process executes trades with Goldman Sachs & Co. LLC through to the Mosaic investment portal, streamlining subscription and redemption requests
  • Consolidated view of money market fund and cash positions within the Kyriba dashboard, simplifying visualization
  • Real-time workflows enable balances, confirmations, fund prices, and daily factors to seamlessly flow between the Kyriba TMS and Mosaic, eliminating the need for manual data entry
  • Access to the rich set of money funds liquidity analytics and reporting unique to Mosaic
  • Single sign-on for seamless navigation between the TMS and the Mosaic investment portal, providing improved efficiency

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