Marketplace Kyriba Packaged Integrations for Oracle Cloud

Kyriba Packaged Integrations for Oracle Cloud

ERP Connectivity

Packaged Integration to the Kyriba Payments Network and Treasury Integration for Oracle Cloud


Kyriba Payments Network provides a complete end-to-end solution for payment workflows between Oracle Cloud and Kyriba that accelerates Oracle Cloud payments and bank connectivity projects, eliminates project risk and drastically reduces connectivity costs. Seamless integration with Oracle Cloud payments processing allows vendor payments and other third party transfers to flow through the Kyriba Payments Network, which is responsible for payment screening, added workflow, payment formatting and bank communication through various connectivity protocols. 

The Kyriba Treasury integration transfers cash and financial accounting journal entries from Kyriba to the Oracle Cloud General Ledger.

Future Proof: Kyriba’s integrations provide paths to take advantage of changes in the ERP landscape as they become available:

  • API bank connectivity; As banks implement APIs for payments, Kyriba will implement them transparently to the customer.

  • Cloud Migration; As customers move from Oracle EBS on-premises platforms to cloud-platforms, Kyriba provides a migration path from on-premise for payment connectivity to the banks.

  • Changing bank formats and protocols; a single integration to Kyriba gives access to 1000’s of banks across numerous protocols and data formats, protecting the customer against constant changes.

Addressing the ‘first-mile’ integration challenges, these integrations reduce cost, risk, time and effort required to connect an ERP to Kyriba. Typical estimates of 1-2 months per ERP, per workflow can be reduced to just a few weeks with use of a Kyriba packaged integration.