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Kyriba Integrations - Oracle Financials Cloud


ERP Connectivity

Kyriba workflow integrations for Payments, Cash Forecast, FX and others to Oracle Cloud Financials


Kyriba CaaS ERP integrations provide a complete end-to-end solution for between Oracle Cloud and Kyriba, accelerating connectivity projects, eliminating project risk and drastically reducing connectivity costs.

  • Payments Processing: Utilizes Oracle Financials native processing for generating and transmitting payments to Kyriba. Pre-formatted mapping, using the Oracle BI Publisher framework , data transmission using the Oracle Transmission Protocol sending to Kyriba’s CaaS ERP payments connector

  • Payment Status: Final bank payment status updates into Oracle using custom payments attributes.

  • Cash Management: Import Cash Forecasting to Kyriba; Includes open customer and vendor invoices into Kyriba.

  • Cash Accounting: Export of GL entries from Kyriba to Oracle Cloud Financials. 

  • Bank Statements: Integrates bank statements from Kyriba into Oracle Cloud Financials using Oracle's native financial bank integration process. Supported formats include MT940 and BAI2.

  • Foreign Exchange: Extract of life-to-date balances for assets and liabilities and import into Kyriba FX Balance Sheet for analysis and management of currency exposures.

These integrations leverage native Oracle processes combined with Kyriba's CaaS ERP connectors to facilitate a seamless data flow between Oracle and Kyriba, providing a robust solution for financial management and reporting.

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