Marketplace Kyriba Integrations for SAP ECC & S/4HANA

Kyriba Integrations for SAP ECC & S/4HANA


ERP Connectivity

Kyriba integrations for Payments, Cash Forecasting and more on the SAP ECC and S/4HANA platforms


Kyriba CaaS ERP integrations provide a complete end-to-end solution for between SAP and Kyriba, accelerating connectivity projects, eliminating project risk and drastically reducing connectivity costs.

  • Payments Processing: Utilizes SAP’s native processing with Kyriba pre-defined mapping for generating and transmitting payments to Kyriba via direct-API or using SAP CPI.

  • Payment Status: Final bank payment status updates into SAP using Kyriba’s Payment Status Monitor.

  • Cash Management: Import Cash Forecasting to Kyriba; Includes open customer and vendor invoices into Kyriba.

  • Foreign Exchange: Extract of life-to-date balances for assets and liabilities into Kyriba FX Balance Sheet.

Upcoming integrations:

  • Cash Accounting: Export of GL entries from Kyriba to the ERP, includes GL entries not otherwise reported to the ERP

  • Bank Statements: Integrates bank statements from Kyriba into SAP using SAP’s native reconciliation process.

These integrations combine native SAP processes with Kyriba's CaaS ERP connectors to facilitate a seamless data flow between SAP and Kyriba, providing a robust solution for financial management and reporting.

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24.1 supporting SAP S/4HANA 2022+; ECC 6 EHP8