Marketplace Trustpair




All-in-one solution to prevent and detect wire transfer fraud


Trustpair is the market’s go-to solution for wire transfer fraud detection. The Fintech helps financial departments of mid-caps and major companies to verify their third parties bank details, secure payments and control their data throughout their Procure-to-Pay process by:

  • Automatically check third party bank details
  • Analyze data within third party database in real time
  • Secure all bank transfers

The "Bank account verification by Trustpair" enables to verify the ownership of a supplier bank account directly on your Kyriba environment. The connector assists signatories in validating payment orders, and protects against the risk of wire transfer fraud (internal/external).

Trustpair for Kyriba permits to control payments created in Kyriba, payments created in an ERP and sent to Kyriba, and to control in real time transfer orders via the Trustpair API.

Designed for and with the Financial departments, Trustpair meets the most rigorous requirements and allows your financial department to benefit from relevant evaluations with a binary risk evaluation, in an international environment.


Bank account verification by Trustpair