VivaTech 2022

We are pleased to announce that for this year’s Hackathon, Kyriba has partnered with VivaTech, Europe’s largest innovation hub, to sponsor the first FinTech open hackathon in their space.


Liquidity4good hackathon successfully ended with many participants sweating over three weeks of planning, idea pitching, and collaborating. During the live event in Paris on June 17, finalist teams presented their projects to a jury composed of members from Kyriba’s executive leadership as well as ecosystem representatives (Finance Innovation, HEC, Trustpair, Societe Generale, L’Agefi, and Renault). Projects were evaluated based on their innovativeness, positive impact, technical feasibility, potential business and maturity of the solution.

We are happy to share the winner project, “ENABLING LIVES THROUGH TECHNOLOGY”, the team led by Yussuf Ali and consisting of Anthony Rocco, Thomas Gavaghan, Holly McNulty and Alexander Haensel from Kyriba.

The winning team designed a project to use technology to bridge the gap between farmers in underserved regions of the world and potential lenders by giving them direct access to liquidity products (such as micro loans). In addition to the €4,000 prize, the team’s pioneering idea will now be developed into an incubated solution that’s available to all customers on the Kyriba platform!

Other finalist teams also presented exciting ideas. Team DEEP TIER FINANCE, consisting of Kyribian's Vincent Donnat and Carlos Cortes, joined by Mehdi Azemmou, an external team member from Societe Generale, addressed an issue many deep-tier SME suppliers are facing, which is the lack of access to capital market.

Team SECURITY COP, consisting of external team members, devised a plan to help people who are vision and hearing impaired keep their assets safe by adding a high level of security to its risk management system.

All ideas pitched were amazing, and more importantly, designed around this year’s ESG inspiration. We are really proud of all the dedication shown by each and every participant, and cannot wait for the next Hackathon to meet all the innovators again!


Liquidity, or “cash availability”, is the lifeblood of every business and technology is the most powerful tool for change. Leveraging technology to manage liquidity enables corporates to transform the way they build resiliency, generate value, and unlock growth.

This challenge is about building an ecosystem on top of Kyriba’s open liquidity management platform dedicated to empowering Tech startups.


Let's get to the essence of it all: the fierce competition comes for a prize. We hope the awards will motivate you to hack!

Useful resources

Feel free to discover particularly useful information about the Kyriba Open Liquidity Platform (a.k.a. the Developer Portal) in the resources presented below:

  • In order to request the API credentials and access to OpenAPI definitions or enhanced documentation / samples please register on Developer Portal and log a Support request mentioning your participation in VivaTech.

  • Check out our APIs, Use Cases and Samples.

  • Getting started with Postman guide.

  • Authentication to Kyriba APIs guide.

  • If you face any difficulties on the Developer Portal you can also initiate a dedicated Forum Topic, as well as a personalized Support Ticket.