API Catalog

Access to APIs

Our API CATALOG gives you access to a variety of APIs that can be filtered by the following categories:

  • Core Data
  • Task
  • Liquidity
  • Payments
  • Risk
  • Working Capital
  • Market Data

To access the Details of each API, you need to be registered.

Upon your completed registration, you will be provided with more information about the selected API, helpful diagrams, and Use Cases. At this point you can access its Details.

However, to be able to view an API definition, you need to contact Kyriba for the permission.

You create a ticket in Support, (category Kyriba APIs).

Upon receiving the permission, proceed by clicking View APIs button.

API Details

In the images below we provide the explanation for each API object.

For the convenience of your reading, the whole image is divided into two parts.

Part one:

Image Item Object Name Comment
      1 Title API's title.
      2 Version API's Version number.
      3 Category Core Data
Working Capital
      4 Short Description API's short description.
      5 View APIs Possibility to:
◦ View the API definition
◦ Download Open API Spec
◦ Download Postman Collection
◦ Look at its Changelog
      6 Catalog Image API's Logo image.
      7 Long Description API's detailed description.

Part two:


Image Item Object Name Comment
      8 Description Image An Image that describes relationship between the main entities.
      9 Use Cases Relevant Use Cases.