Kyriba Developer Portal provides you with a possibility to have your own Notifications set up for the things you are most interested in. You will receive all notifications that you are subscribed to via email channel to the address you defined in your portal profile. Some of the notifications will be also duplicated in Developer Portal Notification center.

There are a few notification types you might receive from Kyriba:

  • Kyriba Announcements notifications

  • Forum notifications

  • Submission notification

  • Marketplace updates

Kyriba Announcements Notifications

Allow receiving notifications about the main feature updates and news announced on Kyriba's Developer Portal.

You can subscribe to these notifications both during registering and post-registration.

During Registration

Just tick the box as shown below:


Go to the Announcements Forum Page and start watching the forum by clicking the corresponding button below the forum topics.

Forum Notifications

There are plenty of interesting forum topics already exposed on the Developer Portal and you can monitor as many of them as you like. The subscription flow is fairly easy and managed by “Watch this forum” or “Watch this topic” buttons same as in the previous example for Announcements.

You can unsubscribe from Forum Notifications and Kyriba Announcements in the following ways.

  • From the email itself:

  • From the forum page by clicking "Stop watching this forum" / "Stop watching this topic" buttons":

Submission Notifications

This notification type will be received once your Support tickets, Contact Us tickets or Application Submissions are updated.

This is the one and only notification type that you can’t unsubscribe from, therefore you will receive updates until your ticket is closed by Kyriba.

Marketplace Updates

If you are interested in using an App or you want to keep a track of how the Application improves, be sure to subscribe to it. This will allow you to receive updates from its creator once something about the App changes.

You can subscribe or unsubscribe from application updates on an application card by just clicking on "Subscribe" button in its top right corner.

Also, you can easily manage all your App submissions via a dedicated dashboard on your profile page, just click "Unsubscribe" button to stop receiving updates.

Notification Center

Some of the notifications will also be duplicated to the Developer Portal Notification Center, specifically Submissions Notifications and Marketplace Notifications.

Comment Details
Notifications Click the Notifications icon in the top right corner of the Kyriba Home page.
Here you can track how many pending notifications you have, regarding your possible Contact Us or Support tickets.
Also, you get notified about App updates or whenever a new Application was submitted on Marketplace.

After clicking on notification icon you might see the following:

If you click See All inside the pop-up, you go to your Notification Dashboard, that can be accessed from MY DASHBOARD.

Here is an example of how your Notification details might look like: