Developer Portal Notifications


A Developer Portal notification is the alert to notify the user of certain changes that have occurred, in regards to what the user had subscribed to on this site.

Notification types you might receive from Kyriba:

Some of the notifications will also be duplicated to the Developer Portal Notification Center.

Kyriba Announcements Notifications

Announcements Notifications provide notifications about the main features, updates and news announced on Kyriba Developer Portal. You can subscribe to these notifications both during and post registration.

During registration:
Tick the box, as shown below.

Post registration:
Go to the Announcements forum page and click "Watch the forum" / "Watch the topic" button.

Via My Profile:
Go to "My Profile" section and check the box to start receiving notifications via email:

Forum Notifications

Forum Notifications allow monitoring Forum topics exposed on the Developer Portal.
Click “Watch this forum” or “Watch this topic” buttons, as it was explained in the previous example above.

To Unsubscribe

You can unsubscribe from Kyriba Announcements and from Forum Notifications in the following ways:

Unsubscribe via email:
Click the proposed link inside the email:

Unsubscribe inside forum page:
On the forum page, click "Stop watching this forum" / "Stop watching this topic" button:

Submission Notifications

Submission Notifications:
You will receive this notification once your Support tickets, Contact Us tickets or Application Submissions are updated.
Note❗ You cannot unsubscribe from this type of notification, therefore, you will receive updates until your ticket is closed by Kyriba.

Marketplace Updates

Marketplace Notifications:
Notify you about the changes that happened in the application.
Note❗ You can subscribe / unsubscribe from application updates on an application card by clicking "Subscribe" button in its top right corner:

Manage your App submissions:
You can manage your application submissions via a dedicated dashboard inside "My Profile". Click "Unsubscribe" button to stop receiving updates:

Notification Center

Notification Center:
Certain notifications will also be duplicated in the Developer Portal Notification Center, specifically Submissions Notifications and Marketplace Notifications.
Click the "Notifications" icon in the top right corner of the page:

Notifications icon button:
Shows how many pending notifications you have in regards to your subscriptions.

See All button:
If you click on "See All" inside the pop-up, you go to your "Notifications Dashboard":

Notification details:
Here is the Notification details example: