Our API CATALOG gives you access to the variety of APIs of different categories.
Once you have found the API of your interest, you click on Details, and next you select View APIs.

To test your APIs, you can use Postman collection we have created for you. Just click on the Download Postman collection.

To proceed with your testing you can either use the Online version of Postman or download the Postman Desktop application.

Once you are signed in to Postman, you proceed by selecting one of your Workspaces or by creating your Workspace from scratch, if necessary.
Next, you click Import and then Upload Files which you have previously downloaded from the API CATALOG.

This will create your API collection in Postman.
In it you select the Get Token Request.

Then, proceed to the Authorization tab and make sure it is set to Basic Auth type. Replace Username and Password with respectfully client_id/client_secret that Kyriba will provide to you upon your request. To learn more, please refer to this forum.

You click on Send and then you receive an access Token.
The generated Token will be automatically stored in your Collection. Now, you are authorized to interact with your API and start testing it.
You go to List accounts.

You click Send.
You receive the requested Accounts.

Here you can access the language you want, to correspond the call you have made with Postman.

For more details click here.