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APIs: A Bridge to the New Decade

Although digital transformation efforts are well underway and SaaS is a proven paradigm, legacy solutions are still among us. They manifest via mainframes, older versions of ERP systems and internally developed core platforms...


Why Did Kyriba Build an App Marketplace?

Kyriba’s decision to build an app marketplace came from a desire to provide our customers with the latest technology, while fostering innovation in the API space. As organizations’ needs shift and evolve, we want to ensure that all those needs are addressed—whether through our own capabilities or through technology developed by our partners.


Hunt Companies’ Early Adopter Strategy for Real-Time Payments Sees Immediate Cost and Efficiency Gains

Hunt Companies is at the forefront of the Real-Time Payments (RTP) movement. Adopting the technology to lower bank wire fees and reducing the time spent correcting rejected payments has already provided significant gains in both hard and soft savings.


Postman Flows - Introduction to a new powerful tool

Postman Flows is a new tool developed by Postman. Basically, Postman Flows is a feature that provides a canvas interface with widgets that you can drag and drop and link them together to form a sequence of actions. In the past, if you wanted to create a sequence of Requests with Postman or you wanted to get the value from the Response to pass on to the next Request, you had to know how to use JavaScript and had to code them.


Kyriba partners with VivaTech to Sponsor Global FinTech Hackathon

Come hack with us on our first OPEN HACKATHON, where we partner with VivaTech! Liquidity, or “cash availability”, is the lifeblood of every business and technology is the most powerful tool for change. Leveraging technology to manage liquidity enables corporates to transform the way they build resiliency, generate value, and unlock growth.


APIs Drive Enterprise Value

A recent study by research firm IDC identified that 90% of finance leaders have already implemented or expect to incorporate APIs within their financial technology stack. With global banks continuing to open their platforms to customers and FinTech apps, it is for good reason that CFO’s expectations should be high. And while bank connectivity is a good place to start, the value of APIs goes well beyond connecting treasury platforms and ERPs to banks.


Kyriba and ICD Launch API to Power Automation, Liquidity Insight Across the Investment Workflow

The API integration enables treasury teams to research, trade, analyze, and report on investments. In addition, joint clients can sweep excess bank balances into money market funds to ICD from their Kyriba Dashboard.


Exploring HTTP Pooling Improvements for Instant Payments

Instant payments initiatives have been gaining momentum, with systems under development all over the world. In this series of articles, we will describe key findings regarding possible performance optimizations for instant payments and banking in the form of proof of concepts and measured outcomes. This piece explores how Kyriba has improved upon the pooling process for instant payments.


Kyriba Announces 24 New ERP API Connectors to Accelerate Liquidity Management and Support Business Continuity

Kyriba ERP APIs are the most advanced in the market, offering real-time connectivity and multiple bi-directional workflows to streamline integration of new or acquired ERPs, migrate from on-premise to cloud solutions, and unify enterprise-wide data from ERP and other third-party solutions. Learn More will bring you to the main article page, where you can find out more about the possibilities that Kyriba's ERP systems offer.


APIs - A Bridge to the New Decade

Although digital transformation efforts are well underway and SaaS is a proven paradigm, legacy solutions are still among us. They manifest via mainframes, older versions of ERP systems and internally developed core platforms. Learn More will bring you to the main article page, where Daniil Saiko, Kyriba's Director of Product Management API, lays his vision on the potential and future for APIs.


A Guide to OAuth2.0 Authorization with Django Rest Framework

API handles resources important and personal to us and our users. Because of this, some level of security is needed. Go check this article to know more about the OAuth2 authorization model used by Kyriba's APIs.


The Wrong Way to API - What Happens When You Don't Follow a Design-First Approach

We always recommend the "design-first" approach above all else when it comes to your API strategy — but what happens if you don't follow that advice? Check this article to know more about what NOT to do, from the point of view of Stoplight's CEO, Steve Rodda.


Kyriba Awarded World’s Best Treasury Management Software and Open Banking Treasury Solution by Global Finance Magazine

We are super proud to have been awarded by Global Finance Magazine as the world’s best treasury management software, and especially, as the world’s best open banking treasury solution! Since our preview in June 2021, we have received feedback from many registered developers that helped us to improve the developer experience, and content of the portal. This award is a great market recognition for our efforts. We would like to thank all of you for this. Please read the full press release by clicking on “Learn More”.


First Imperial College Business School Hackathon sponsored by Kyriba is over and we are excited with the results!

On the weekend of 3rd to 5th of December, the first Imperial College Business School Hackathon sponsored by Kyriba took place and the participants got the possibility to find solutions to two challenges proposed by Kyriba. The first challenge consistent in coming up with an idea for a Smart API Connector to ERP. The team taking on the challenge got the opportunity to test our Task APIs and got some inspiration from our Sample Tutorials. Team taking on the second challenge, related to Treasury Optimization for cash management, got some help from our specialists and used our Liquidity APIs to propose their solution. Can you believe they ended up being the victorious team?! If you would like to learn more about the event, please click on the "Learn More" button. It will lead you to an article created by our Business Analyst who attended the event, Kevin Delmaestro.


Java 17 Features and Migration Considerations

Java has changed considerably over the years. In this article, Dariusz Wawer, Tech Lead of the Data Apps team at Kyriba, offers a comparison of versions 8 and 17, and gives the answer to the question: is upgrading a good idea?


Using API-First Development and API Mocking to Break Critical Path Dependencies

Check out this Article on InfoQ about API-First approach development and API Mocking, explained in technical steps. All of that, based on a practical case study, broken down by the author.


APIs - A lever for simplifying and enhancing the customer experience

Cecile Bartenieff, COO of Global Banking & Investor Solutions at Société Générale about APIs, with concrete use cases, including how Kyriba and Societe Generale leverage APIs to provide RealTime treasury to corporates.


FaaS-like Spring microservices with autoscaling in Kubernetes

Tutorial shows how to create a basic application demonstrating an approach to writing simple "function-based microservices". It explains how to create such microservices, as well as deploy them, setup autoscaling, metrics gathering, and tracing. Learn more will bring you to ITNEXT website to read the full article.


NFTs in trade finance - the next frontier or bad idea?

Supply chain is certainly today the most strategic asset of most large buyers. In this context, the supply chain finance platforms are becoming a must have across all industries. And it is just the beginning. Blockchain technology is about to revolutionize the market by unlocking the financing to deeper suppliers and the diversification of the funding sources to alternative money managers. An incredible opportunity for the millions of businesses who are facing a total of $1.5 gap in trade finance according to the World Economic Forum. Learn more will bring you to Global Trade Review website to read the full article.


Why A data mesh to power up our Active Liquidity Network

Kyriba's mission is to support corporate finance digitisation on all liquidity and cash related items. And Kyriba's strategy to deliver on that mission is to build the first and leading open platform for enterprise liquidity management. I'm managing Kyriba data engineering team and part of our work is to build the data platform required to enable this strategy. The role of this platform is to support our data engineers, internal teams, partners and ultimately our customers to get access to actionable insights based on their data. That's our context, we want to enable the Kyriba ecosystem to create more value from their data.


Production ready Jupyter Notebooks

Python Jupyter notebooks are fundamental part of Data Science prototyping. Deploying this code in efficient manner is troublesome and it often means copy-pasting the prototype into the final product. Later when the product requires new features the code is copied once again, which is human error prone.