Use Cases ERP Integration

ERP Integration

ERP Connectivity

Connect your ERP easily to Kyriba using Open APIs


ERP systems could collect and generate tons of information on a daily basis. Kyriba APIs allow you to develop fully automated flows based on your needs, possibilities are endless.


  • Integrate payments generated by your ERP
  • Synchronize company details
  • Add new Third Parties verified in company ERP
  • And many more

Let's define one of the most common integration flows between ERP and Kyriba Application. You can also check a dedicated sample to better understand the flow:

ERP Payment Integration

Step by step instruction to ERP payments integration:

The automation of payments processing can be very complex faced with the prospect of building point-to-point integrations between your business system and each of the banks you use to process payments. Fortunately, Kyriba has eliminated much of this complexity and has a number of tools you can use to build these fundamental workflows. This use case will outline the general steps for capturing payments from your business system and sending them to Kyriba to be processed by your bank.

  • Kyriba Application. Define Payment Process Template (ERP_PY_API).
  • ERP. Generate payments.
  • Connector. Format and Transform the data.
  • APIs. Retrieve a token with access to Data and Process Templates.
  • APIs. POST prepared payment details via Data API.
  • APIs. Run prepared Process Template.
  • APIs. Check the integration status.
  • Kyriba Application. Check payments, enrich payments data, process payments.
  • Connector. Format and Transform status response.
  • ERP. Update generated payments statuses.