Use Cases Treasury Chatbot for Microsoft Teams

Treasury Chatbot for Microsoft Teams

Cash & Liquidity Bank Connectivity

Introduce treasury chatbot with Kyriba APIs


Chatbots are everywhere in our digital life. They have become the first line of response in many client-facing touchpoints by providing automatic answers to repetitive questions. Kyriba APIs allow you to design chatbots for treasury inquiries and integrate those bots into Microsoft TeamsYou can define the complexity of the bot, based on your business needs, and let them take over inquiries that usually require manual responses.

Teams provide nice functionality to design chatbots. For more details, you can check our detailed samples that leverage the Microsoft Power Automate flow management tool or advanced chatbot version with Microsoft Power Virtual Agents.

Basic chatbot implementation with Microsoft Power Automate.
Advanced chatbot implementation with Microsoft Power Virtual Agents

Examples of Chatbot functionalities:

  • Run specific Process Template or retrieve data integration details
  • Retrieve Account cash or bank balance 
  • Get a current market rate for your securities 
  • And many more.

Step by step instruction to build a Treasury chatbot for Microsoft Teams:

A chatbot is an easy-to-use interface to intact with the Kyriba Application. The logic of these bots can be smart enough to cover most or all day-to-day requests. In this Use Case we will show how to get the current cash balance of a particular account using chatbot functionality.

  • Teams. Add and connect Microsoft Power Automate to the required Teams channel
  • Microsoft Power Automate. Define the keywords to trigger the flow.
  • Microsoft Power Automate. Define the flow and Kyriba APIs connection parameters.
  • Kyriba APIs. Retrieve token and cash balance for the requested account.
  • Microsoft Power Automate. Define API response parsing rules and Teams response visualization.