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Webhook notifications

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Get real-time notifications to enhance your interaction with Kyriba.


Kyriba's APIs are powerful tools that, when combined with Kyriba Webhooks, can significantly increase the efficiency of the interface between Kyriba and your system. While webhooks are widely applicable, this use case is specifically intended for process templates.

When running process templates via API, such as importing or exporting data, you would traditionally need to repeatedly query Kyriba to check whether the process has already been completed or is still in progress. However, with webhooks, you can receive a real-time notification as soon as the process is completed, and you can trigger the next action in your workflow, such as updating the status in your system or downloading the exported data.


Step-by-step instructions:

  • Run a process template, such as exporting data.
  • As soon as the process is completed, Kyriba sends a notification of the event.
  • Download the result file of the process template execution.


Please refer to our guide to learn more about Webhooks.