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Kyriba Open Reports Studio is a powerful and easy-to-use Microsoft Excel add-in that seamlessly integrates with the Kyriba Enterprise Liquidity Management platform. It allows bilateral data management directly from Excel, with extra functions provided by the Kyriba APIs. No coding is required, just use your Excel skills!
To connect, use your Kyriba login credentials. Your Kyriba access rights and data permission will also be applied in Excel.

The add-in offers the following features:

  • Reports: allows users to download data from Kyriba to Excel and build any report out of the downloaded data. 
  • Upload Data:  allows users to upload data from Excel to Kyriba, such as account information, payments, and invoices. 
  • Custom Functions: allows users to retrieve data from Kyriba via API using Excel syntax. There are now 9 functions designed for advanced business users, including a Kyriba.AskGPT function that enables the use of ChatGPT within Excel for users who have a ChatGPT account.