Welcome to Kyriba Webhook Notification

Get notified in real time as soon as an action happens in Kyriba applications. Optimize your workflow, increase your productivity by receiving the important notification.

Yes, it is possible to receive events in real time when an action is performed in Kyriba, thanks to our webhook notification system.


Webhooks allow you to subscribe to real-time notifications about various events, such as:

  • process template task execution
  • third-party changes
  • payment routing status changes, and many more to come

Read more about Webhook notification use case for process template task execution.

Once you have set up a webhook, you will receive event notifications "pushed" to your configured URL in real-time. Using a webhook eliminates the need for you to constantly poll Kyriba APIs. Instead, you can simply wait for a notification to be pushed to your system.

For more details on how to set up and use webhooks, please refer to our guide.