Marketplace PSD2 Reporting Connector

PSD2 Reporting Connector


Bank Connectivity

Connector for reporting aggregator


This connector uses APIs for Open Banking data exchange between Kyriba and PSD2 aggregation service to enable:

  • Prior day statement

The connector works in parallel with the existing bank connectivity, expanding connectivity options. It leverages the EU's PSD2 to aggregate banking information and provide it inside Kyriba using the same format. This connector helps get quick access to 2,200 banks in the EU.

Kyriba is partnering with MyBanx, a SaaS PSD2 aggregator providing access to 2200+ banks in Europe. Mybanx is a sister company of Exthand, AISP and PISP licensed agent under PSD2, regulated by the National Bank of Belgium, and passported across EU. The company applies the highest measures to ensure stability, reliability of the connectivity to banks, and security of the data. All data and PII (personal identifiable information) are stored in EU and GDPR compliane.