Use Cases Treasury Chatbot with Slack using Power Automate

Treasury Chatbot with Slack using Power Automate


Introduce Treasury Chatbot with Kyriba APIs


Chatbots have changed how businesses and individuals engage online. These chatbots are capable of responding instantly and managing common questions. Kyriba allows you to integrate Kyriba APIs with chatbots for treasury inquiries and combine them with Slack.

This use case allows you to get transfer status which is obtained directly from Kyriba. This reduces the risk of incorrect or outdated information. Our use case demonstrates the integration of Slack, Power Automate and the Kyriba APIs, which can enhance financial workflows, enabling you to access critical payment status information quickly and accurately.

Slack is a common communication channel that various teams, including the treasury, accounting, or support team, can use to easily interact with the chatbot and request payment status information without leaving the workspace.

Examples of chatbot functionality:

  • Instantly retrieve payment status information directly from Kyriba, reducing the risk of incorrect or outdated data.
  • Run Kyriba API or Process templates to get details and many more.

A chatbot is an easy-to-use interface intact with the Kyriba Application. The logic of these bots can be smart enough to cover most or all day-to-day requests.  

This use case will allow you to:

  • Utilize Simple slash commands within Slack workspace.
  • Create more complex chatbots using Power Automate.

Step by step instruction to build a Treasury chatbot for Slack:

  • Slack. Set up the Slack API slash commands.
  • Microsoft Power Automate. Define the flow and Kyriba APIs connection parameters.
  • Kyriba APIs. Retrieve token and Transfer status for the requested account.