Developer Portal Onboarding


To participate in our developer ecosystem, you need to have an account. If you do not have an account, you need to register first. Registration is free.

Click the Register button in the top right corner of the page and follow the registration steps provided down the page.

User Registration

You need to complete the following fields.

Field Name Comment Details
Email Address Your email address will be further used as your Username.
Confirm Email Repeat your email address.
Password Password must be 6-20 characters and/or numbers without spaces.
Confirm Password Repeat your password.
First Name Enter your name.
Last Name Enter your last name.
Forum Username Forum Username cannot contain special characters or spaces.
It cannot be modified later.
Please select the job category
that best relates to your job title:
Select from the dropdown list.
Job Title Optional.
Country Select from the dropdown list.

Terms and Conditions

Comment Details
Terms and Conditions Check the box after reading and agreeing to our Site Terms and Conditions.
Notifications Check the box, if you want to receive notifications about new features announced on Kyriba's Developer Portal.
Click Notifications section for more information.
CAPTCHA clicker Check the box to let the system verify that you are not a robot. Click CAPTCHA clicker for explanation, if necessary.

Finally, you click Submit.

At this point you are granted a SITE_VISITOR role. Next, you receive an email with a link for account activation, to finalize your registration.

Activation email example:

If you do not activate it, you will be blocked from proceeding further and you will see the following message:

After the email has been activated, it grants you the DEVELOPER role.

Company Registration

For your company registration, the following fields must be completed:

Field Name Comment Details
Company Name Provide your Company Name.
Corporate HQ Address Provide your Corporate HQ Address.
Corporate HQ Address 2
Provide your Corporate HQ Address 2, if applicable.
City Provide your City Name.
Provide your State name, if applicable.
Provide your Province name, if applicable.
Postal Code Provide your Postal Code.
Country Provide your Country Name.
Company Phone Provide your Company Phone number.
Company URL Provide your Company URL.
Company Description Provide your Company Description.
Kyriba App Submitter?
Check the box, if applicable.

Click "Create", if all the fields are completed, or "Start Over", if you want to skip the registration of your company.


Once you are registered, proceed by logging in to enter the Kyriba Developer Portal.