Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) are at the engine of the digital revolution. In current digital world, APIs are especially valuable for guaranteeing speed and safety in the exchange of information and delivering the agility needed to quickly build customer experiences.

The API section compiles the following pages:

Page Description Details
Use Cases Use Cases developed by Kyriba present a scenario, corresponding to your possible business need.
They leverage Kyriba APIs and include API Documentation.
Each of the Use Case has a description, examples of usage and a diagram for better visualization.
Access to Use Cases
Use Case Details
Your own Use Case
Click Use Cases for more information.
API Catalog API Catalog page gives you access to a variety of APIs developed by Kyriba,
that can be implemented into creative solutions by the consumers.
Access to APIs
API Details
Click API Catalog for more information.
API Changelog API Changelog page tracks all news and updates that take place in Kyriba. Example:
New API / endpoint / version added
New article published
New App released, etc.